Gated Community Security

Residential Security

Fenix Security Services provides round-the-clock security for residential properties.

  • Armed and unarmed residential security guards

  • Customer service oriented while being observant and attentive to details to identify potential threats
  • Reduce risks by deterring crime with security presence, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • Customized security solutions for your specific needs. Whether it is a gated community, apartment high rise or another property, we have you covered.
Security  Solutions

Residential Security

Round-the-clock security for residential properties.

Working with some of the most esteemed and renowned companies in this competitive market has enabled us to stand out. Not only do we provide these companies with highly prompt security solutions, but we also ensure that the budgets are kept to a minimum. Our services have made us the go-to choice for big names in the market, and our stringent background checks for our security personnel have resulted in more and more people turning to us for their security needs.

Home Security

We emphasize surveillance technology to ensure that your home is secure from any possible threat.

Gated Community Security

We use advanced technology such as CCTV cameras and key card readers to monitor and restrict unwanted access to your premises.

High Rise Residential Security

To satisfy the needs of our clients, Fenix Security Service provides both short-term and long-term security services.