Executive Security

Executive Protection Security

Our client’s needs are taken into account when formulating our Executive Protection services.

  • Armed and unarmed executive protection and security

  • Customer service oriented while being observant and attentive to details to identify potential threats

  • Our executive protection ensures the safety and well-being of the protected person while minimizing disruption to their daily life or business activities

  • Specialized security service designed to safeguard individuals, corporate executives, celebrities, or government officials, from physical threats and other security risks.

Security  Solutions

Residential Security

Fenix’s executive protection is highly customized to the specific needs and preferences of the client.

The level of security measures and the size of the security team can vary, and services may be ongoing or provided for specific events or trips. It is crucial that EP agents are skilled in both security and interpersonal communication, as their role involves not only protecting the client but also interacting with them and others in their professional and personal life.

Corporate Executive Security

A team of highly trained security professionals provide physical protection and accompany the individual.

Celebrity Security

Our security officers ensure secure travel arrangements for the celebrity, including securing transportation.

Government Official Security

We will conduct an evaluation of potential threats, such as threats from stalkers, terrorists, or political adversaries.